Vehicle sponsorships offer a tried-and-true formula for benefiting both the automotive enthusiast and the auto parts vendor. When it comes to modifying your car, nothing beats free or steeply discounted parts and, conversely, nothing beats first-hand experience and personal recommendations for product exposure. For this reason we at BRAUM are happy to offer sponsorships to individuals whom we believe share our vision for fun and responsible racing as well as our appreciation for beautiful and purpose-built vehicles. These sponsorships allow you, the enthusiast, to enjoy our quality products at little to no cost, while exposing our products to your friends and fellow hobbyists. If you are interested in a sponsorship for your vehicle, simply follow our instructions for application below.


At BRAUM we take pride in our work and believe in the quality of our products. We think that our seats, harnesses, and other products speak for themselves, and will take every opportunity to prove it. That’s why we gladly offer our products for media sponsorships—whether it be shows, magazines, or other types of media, we recognize that the media can provide a level of exposure that allow products like ours to be evaluated objectively and shared with the world. Because when it comes to aftermarket parts, the automotive enthusiast deserves to know what options are available to him, no matter what his budget constraints or individual needs are, and we believe that those needs will often be best met in the form of BRAUM products. If you are interested in a media sponsorship, just scroll down this page and submit your information as requested below.
Creating a quality product and offering it at a great price is really just the first step in making a successful business. We recognize that sharing the product with the world is equally important, if not more so, which is why we are eager to offer sponsorships for those whom we believe can honestly and accurately evaluate our products and expose them to their circles of influence. At BRAUM we strongly believe that, given the chance, our product will be given a prominent place in the racing and automotive lifestyle community. Our seats, harnesses and other products are made with quality materials and rigorously tested.

For our sponsorship we are looking to partner with those who we believe can and will introduce our products to enthusiasts whose needs most closely align with what our products offer. This means that, if you are the type to frequent track days, car shows, meets, or other automotive-related events, you are a prime candidate for our vehicle sponsorship. Likewise, if you represent an organization with broad media exposure to the automotive community, you are also well-positioned for a media sponsorship with BRAUM. All we ask is that you are truthful regarding the extent to which you can and will expose our products to your circle of influence, and in exchange we will provide you with some of our quality products for either a discount, or for no cost at all!

Please allow up to one week for a response as our team receives over 50 sponsorship requests daily. If you do not hear back after one week, it means you didn't qualify for a sponsorship but we will keep your information on file for future opportunities. You are welcome to reapply in the future once you have updated your mod list and/or gained more of an online following.

Please do not call us regarding sponsorships, all sponsorship inquiries must be done via e-mail.

We believe that a love for cars should be all one needs for entrance into the fascinating world of motorsports.