When the founders of BRAUM sought a way to impact the world of motorsports, it only took a cursory glance to notice a gap in the market: seats. When it came to racing seats and other related motorsports safety equipment, there were few products that struck a balance between price and quality. With over 25 years of experience in automotive industry, manufacturing and a passion for purpose-built race cars, the duo set out to develop their own product line of racing equipment that could meet the needs of automotive enthusiasts everywhere. The result is BRAUM—a name synonymous with functionality, high quality, and affordability. We at BRAUM offer racing seats, seat brackets, harnesses, harness bars, and accessories to equip every enthusiast with the safety, performance, and peace of mind needed to succeed on and off the track. Our products are designed, inspected and assembled in the United States to ensure that each product meets our high expectations while we pass down the savings to you.


At BRAUM, we are passionate about cars and passionate about people. We believe that a love for cars should be all one needs for entrance into the fascinating world of motorsports. That’s why, we always prioritize function over form. Each product should perform its function well and for a long time. Yes, beauty and notoriety are important. Nothing makes a first impression quite like a thoughtfully designed interior made with luxurious materials. That’s why our products come in a variety of materials like leatherette and suede, as well as a plethora of colors. But we never sacrifice functionality for the sake of appearance and status. It is this mindset, along with our passion for racing, that keeps BRAUM at the forefront of motorsports innovation, providing the best deals for the everyday enthusiast. Count on BRAUM to stay at the top of the game and to continually strive for excellence for years to come.

“ You must always strive to be the best, but you must never believe that you are. ”


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